The Speed Camera

The Speed Camera Lottery – The Fun Theory

Previously we talked about rewards for charity.  In this video, and the rest at Fun Theory, what we liked in these examples is the variable rewards that drive users to take actions. In this case people are rewarded in fun ways for doing good (not speeding, throwing away trash etc). The common aspect is that each reward is tied to Fun. (shameless plug: Gimmie‘s motto is “making loyalty fun.”)

Here are some takeaways on Fun Rewards and how it relates to Variable Rewards, as described in Hooked .

  • Some people throw trash or don’t speed by their nature, and their reward is knowing they are good people
  • Some people were made aware of the blinking light while driving or had heard in advance of this campaign, and actively tried to slow down to get their reward (the green thumbs up) to know they are in the running for the grand prize.
  • Getting Money or just hearing a sound are both fun, but more importantly it shows that different rewards motivate people, and that using only one reward type or method likely won’t be sustaining, which is why these mechanics from VW were mostly short lived experiments. To implement this as part of your core site or app will take much more than a fun gimmick or even just giving cash.  Instead there must be multiple rewards with endless scope, meaning there is always fresh inventory and offers.