Rewards for the greater good

A really  thought provoking Mobile Marketer post recently caught my eye.  I often get asked from our reward advertisers, what type of rewards do you suggest we provide and from our publishing partners what type of rewards do you have available? But very rarely, do we often come across or get asked  about rewards to give back to the community.


These so called Community Rewards are not entirely new. Often times when you visit your grocery store or bank you may see the opportunity to donate and give back. Many of us do.

Therefore, it would seem like that many users would likewise be keen to not only win coupons and free prizes for themselves, but perhaps the opportunity to contribute to a donation of their choice.

As Gimmie looks to help our publisher partners add more rewards to their catalogs, please let us know what donations or charities to target in your country and lets try to give back in 2014 !