Fancy A Plukka Bracelet As Your Reward?

Loyalty rewards can be fun. Ladies,  imagine winning a chic, covetable designer jewellery as a reward..

Well one lucky lady actually did!

Through the Friendster Rewards programme powered by Gimmie, Friendster members who are actively interacting with the site may earn points which they can later redeem for real rewards. Previously there was no such initiative and members exposed to only virtual rewards for their achievements in Friendster games. Chanel, who won the reward by being an active member on Friendster told us that she did not expect to to win a Plukka bracelet. Happy that her efforts paid off with a reward she liked, Chanel hopes that more Friendster members will enjoy similar experience in future.

We caught up with the lady’s mother who visited our office recently to pick up the reward on her behalf.  A simple greeting and after we handed her the elegant black and purple Plukka box. She opened the box to inspect the reward her daughter had been expecting. Seconds later,  greeted by the sight of  the freshwater white pearls and black leather bracelet she shone a bright, satisfied smile.

That was the single most vital sign we need to affirm how fun real rewards can be. When we can make someone smile.


"Thank you for the reward, Gimmie!"

“Thank you for the reward, Gimmie!”


Plukka Freshwater Pearls & Black Leather Bracelet (worth SGD$200+)

Plukka Freshwater Pearls & Black Leather Bracelet (worth SGD$200+)