i Start, i “Spy” @ Philippines!

From Manny Pacquiao to Lea Salonga, from the white sands of Boracay to the Pagsanjan falls, spell binding witch craft tales in Siquijor to old churches…

Welcome to the Philippines.

These are just some among the multitude of islands, things, cultures..etc that are making Philippines famous. At this point, you might be wondering if we are trying to do a travel feature on Philippines.

Absolutely not!

Philippines is fast booming to be the place for IT start ups to be in!

As such, Gimmieworld was given the amazing opportunity to attend istart@Philippines during the month of Jan –Feb 2013.

Attending a conference can be a great way to network and learn from people from similar industry and extensive networking and sharing was what we did.

The mentors Winstton Damarillo, Jerry Rapes, Nico Jose Nolledo, Miguel Perez, Enrique Gonazalez and Manny Ayala are amazingly packed with knowledge and all ready to share their experiences and knowledge with us.

We got loads of experiences from them on running a start up in Philippines and of course valuable insights from Mr Nico Jose Nolledo from Xurpass Inc on Digital and Mobile marketing in the Philippines and a presentation from Nestle Philippines on utilizing digital media for their business models.

Aside from that, we got perspectives on mobile marketing from the Ms Leah Camilla Besa Jimenez, Group head of Digital Media, Smart Communications (Telco Perspective) and online marketing perspectives in Philippines from Mike Palacios, Director of Havoc Digital agency, (Agency perspective)

On the other hand, the conversations and sharing sessions with the participants were immensely useful as we shared how we could potentially collaborate together with one another and get pointers on how we can further improve our businesses

Networking certainly brought Gimmieworld to another level and we certainly look forward to reap the benefits of another networking session.

iStart aside, our little team’s eyes were always on the look out for other loyalty programs while we were at the Philippines and we sparkled at some of the loyalty programs that are implemented at the F&B, retail outlets.. etc

Boogs Software works with a POS system along with a loyalty card program, it is pretty similar to most of the loyalty card programs we talked about in our previous blog

Jollibee, a fastfood outlet chain has collaborated with Bank of the Philippine Islands to produce – Happy plus card. Happy plus can be utilized at the fast food joints under Jollibee and consumer will get rewarded for every load up and to add on, a lucky draw or raffle entry for every amount topped up to Happy plus card. For example:

P100 = 1 raffle entry

P300 = 5 raffle entries

P500 = 10 raffle entries

P1,000 = 25 raffle entries

The usual loyalty program cards, the mobile loyalty card and a top up reward cards are just some of the dynamic ideas that are in the market. However, at Gimmie, we work differently. With years of research on loyalty programs, our program goes digital (card-less!), workable with not only food and beverages or retail outlets but also digital contents such as websites, online games, mobile games.. etc the possibilities of collaborations are simply endless.

With an endless form of collaborations, you might be all excited to work on and embark on a Gimmie journey with us. We say, hold it and read our next article on what makes a loyalty program successful or good.