Gimmie Team gets rewarded with Cookyn Inc

28 August 2013 – Gimmie World Cookyn Party

How do we practice gamification to increase engagement within our company? We intentionally picked  to do a game-like activity together to test out.

Gamification refers to the application of game mechanics to produce specific desired outcomes within a context.  Depending on the context, a few outcomes often associated are the higher engagement and retention levels, or even increased productivity for workforce setting. Cooking is the perfect activity as it involves rules. And rules do maketh a game fun, by offering a simulated environment for players to apply rules of the game to unlock achievement. Our game was to navigate through the maze of a 3-course meal safely (we have green hands here), graciously (it’s not about ‘me’ but ‘we’ are cooking for everyone) and  victoriously (achievement worthy) within 2.5 hours. If you happen to watch Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, you know cooking is no neat business. It involves developing good senses in planning,strategy, coordination and execution!

1030AM – Team assembled at Cookyn kitchen

1045AM – Welcome by Dexter, our masterchef for the day

Menu Revealed:

Appetizer: Creamy Truffled Mushroom in vol-au-vent shells

Main Course: Baked chicken in a parcel with smoked duck & assorted vegetables

Dessert: Dark chocolate mousse with fresh berries

1100AM – Gimmie cookin’ time

0100PM – Lunch’s set.

We went though some rounds of cutting ingredients, rolling pastry sheets and piping really mouth-watering dark chocolate mousse with such zen-like composure while our tummies rumbled, tumbled underneath. Thankfully, Dexter being the skilled facilitator came up with ideas to keep us engaged in the activity. We had our fair share of treats along the way – half time juice break, finger dipping in chocolate mousse…yummy!

One of the key activities of team building was done during the main course. We learned about what one another thought of each person and learned how well the other team member listen to seasoning instructions. Before the main course we had a bit of fun revealing the secret santa of the person that prepared each person’s meal. After the ceremony, it was time to dig in!

We believe that a team that cooks together, stays together (well, achieves great things together as well). Enjoy the photos!

Why don’t you try out Cookyn for your team activity too?

Cookyn Inc

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