Gimmie Takeoff – Charting a new path towards Loyalty

Gimmie started out with global ambitions to be the defacto rewards platform for developers with our own universal currency.  We found however there was even more demand for what we call the

“Frequent Flyer Mile  Loyalty Platform”

Southwest Takeoff

For those interested on Frequent Flyer mile programs, our favorite airline  in the US Southwest is featured in this article which gives a good introduction.

At Gimmie we see the general goals set out by Southwest as being very similar to larger game and media publishers online and on mobile:

Southwest loyalty goal:
” aims to win new customers and deepen ties to existing business travelers, who generally pay higher prices.”

If you think about the 80/20 rule,  Game publisher revenue sources in particular can be even more skewed where finding a way to reward your most loyal customer is vital. In addition for publishers offering free content,  finding ways to get that user to pay is also always a concern.  Finally,  how do I acquire and ‘win new customers’?  With no end in sight for rising customer acq. costs (especially on mobile), organic growth and direct 1:1 communication with potential paying customers is of the utmost importance.

For Southwest, they believe this new Rapid Rewards program is a game changer, a $700M business in fact. We would like to think that with the right tuning and with Gimmie’s expert help and experience in already having built out a rewards network of our own, we also can help make our platform a game changer for publishers that will have long lasting effects not a 1-2 month burst or limited to one type of content, webpage, app etc.

Many smaller publishers and developers still question and believe they can get paid a few thousand here by swapping out game and app promotions, using offerwalls, interactive banner ads and the like.

For a short period of time they are right. However ultimately the content gets the users back, and because they don’t have a system to effectively capture all of their users, they lose a huge opportunity to monetize them directly.  The best way in our opinion to get someone to pay is to make them happy, and rewards both virtual and real are a great way to do that while giving them more reason to connect with you.

Rewards make us feel special and if properly balanced and with some fine tuning on selection,  there truly can be something for everyone. The Flyer that wants to save enough for an international trip won’t be tempted to cash out immediately once they can get a free ticket from SFO to LAX.  Conversely, flyers who don’t care about the future and want immediate satisfaction are likely to pull the trigger right away. Personally I’ve done both in various programs.  I suspect many users would feel the same way in that they want something of actual value, and determine on their own how they want to use the hard earned ‘miles’ they got to their satisfaction.

We are very excited in this new direction and look forward to sharing more insights as set our new course.