How far will you

How far will you go for Fantastic Delites? – Delite-o-matic

We’re a fan of great ideas to reward users and recently discovered this blog post where we learned about the Delite-o-matic vending machine.

To summarize, it shows the lengths people will go to win free rewards. We see an elderly lady willing to hit a red button 100X to win a free box of crackers or chips (not really sure, here is the product if you are hungry:). Then the next person a few 200X, 400X, all the way up to a fanatic who draws a huge crowd as she goes from 5000X to 0 to get her free bag.

Our takeaways:

  • Some fans will do anything to win a free reward
  • One method of engagement to win a free reward may not work for all.  The lady who hits the button 5000X times may not feel embarrassed at all, but she may have reservations about bowing down to the vending machine, and vice versa for those that have no problems getting on their knees for a free box of crackers.   Therefore, its good to have a mix of high points->free prizes, along with various types of instant win actions on your site or app that might be very very hard to achieve.   In both instances though, A) the reward must be valued B) it must be achievable and C) it must be known to the player at the start
  • Getting Rewards are fun. The community cheers when they see people can win something for free, and this in itself creates participation and engagement. So it sounds simple, just offer the top fan or player a free prize and watch everyone go crazy, right? Actually, the other gimmick here is that the reward is not only valuable, but is widely seen as being available as many winners are known to the community, not just one. Therefore, a high ticket prize to a single winner is not suggested. Instead, stagger winners across various middle value rewards, or create a low value reward that many people will win.