Facebook Engagement Tips Your Customers Love

Facebook’s popularity with online users and brands who are looking to establish their presence within its large online community is proving itself as the go-to platform for brands and their consumers to interact.  To date, Facebook  boasts an impressive 1.3 billion monthly active users who spend an average of 18 minutes per visit according to a verified statistic source here.  Facebook pages are a staggering 54,200,000, meaning reputable brands who were early adopters of the platform are likely to have already established their pages there. With growing emphasis on connecting with consumers on digital platforms, brand marketers are putting a digital marketing strategy in place that not only recognise this reality, also explore innovative ways to engage their customers on this platform.

Imagine this scenario. You are a brand marketer who’ve successfully grew your fanbase and made a name for your brand or product. What else can you do to  increase engagement on this platform?

Perhaps let’s tackle the goal from the perspective of:

1. What drives your customers to keep coming back to your page?


2. How to drive traffic to your website from this page?


Examining the offline, in-store promotions tactic that retail brands deploy, promotions  tap into consumer’s curiosity and trigger intention to purchase. Now bringing that to the online world, wouldn’t that be sweet? The response is mixed, partly due to how the promotions are delivered. Consumers tend to dislike overt promotions in the form of spammy ads. Posting attractive promotions on your facebook page can garner some likes, shares and comments, which form the vital metrics for your engagement goal. In fact they will keep coming back to your page in anticipation of future promos. However, this approach works only if use sporadically in order to retain the novelty and element of ‘surprise’ among consumers or else it will hurt engagement more than helping it.

The creative and bold brand marketers experiment with a combination of tactics including online games, contests and rewards. Why? Because we love games, games are fun and can get us hooked into its simulated environment if properly designed. The thrill of being able to win a reward in a contest also provides little effort for investment, in other words “What have I got to lose? Just try my luck!” Also,  not disputing our default mode  of favouring special deals and freebies – if you can deliver those to us meaningfully we love them.  So the question: how do we design promos that customers love on Facebook?

A digital loyalty program with points, real rewards & gamification

Most of the brands we’ve been fortunate to work with told us that they want new ways to engage and reward their customers. Our answer lies in being able to offer a digital loyalty program solution that helps brands reward their customers with points and real rewards for engaging with the brand across its digital  and social media platforms. True to our misison of making loyalty fun, we know that customers love most when they feel recognised and are rewarded instantly for their efforts engaging with the brand. (Remember those loyalty programs you have to accumulate points and wait a long time in order to redeem a reward which might not even be worthwhile.)

We work closely with your content on those platforms to :

1. Design a gamified customer experience journey

2. Give your customers great reward options they can choose from.

Gamification tools such as custom badges and  leaderboard also give you more ways to make your program or campaign fun.  Digital coupons consisting of discount deals, product samples and give aways are distributed as meaningful achievement rewards, instead of a blanket post on the brand’s page wall. Reward your fans for visiting your facebook game or app with points that they can use to redeem a reward of their choice.

To help you visualize, check out the FB Loyalty App mock ups below:

i. AXE Loyalty App – Points, Rewards, Leaderboard.

i. AXE Loyalty App – Points, Rewards, Leaderboard.


ii. Axe Loyalty App – Rewards Catalog

ii. Axe Loyalty App – Rewards Catalog


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