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Facebook Engagement Tips Your Customers Love

Facebook’s popularity with online users and brands who are looking to establish their presence within its large online community is proving itself as the go-to platform for brands and their consumers to interact.  To date, Facebook  boasts an impressive 1.3 billion monthly active users who spend an average of 18 minutes per visit according to a verified statistic source here.  Facebook pages are a staggering 54,200,000, meaning reputable brands who were early adopters of the platform are likely to have already established their pages there. With growing emphasis on connecting with consumers on digital platforms, brand marketers are putting a digital marketing strategy in place that not only recognise this reality, also explore innovative ways to engage their customers on this platform.

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A Tasty Loyalty Program from The Soup Spoon Singapore

Here’s the lowdown on The Soup Spoon Loyalty Program called Souperholic.  This is a good example of an attempt to enable digital loyalty through mobile and the web. It is very much in the mold of a loyalty 1.0, transaction based (please do read this great book Loyalty 3.0 to learn more about how far loyalty programs have come). As a customer I get rewarded for the more purchases I make. They have done a good job here of allowing you to redeem for whatever you want in the form of discounts, but there is no community involvement meaning if I am not making a purchase, The Soup Spoon isn’t tracking me and my only motivation is to come back for some savings or adding on of points.

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