Carrot Rewards, A Loyalty Program by BTS Thailand

Earlier this month I went to Bangkok for vacation during the long National Day weekend. I discovered the Carrot Rewards by the BTS Group & BSS after I purchased a Rabbit Card.




Basically the Rabbit Card is a stored-value card for the BTS (Bangkok Transportation Services) and Skytrain to make the trips more convenient, like Singapore’s ez-link card.

I saw the ads about the Reward Program on the platforms and some kiosks at the BTS stations. It made my friend and I keen to redeem some rewards so I took a video while she redeemed a coupon.

What we liked (from a UX/UI perspective):

  • Selection of free coupons (actually there were more free coupons than the rewards that cost Carrot points)
  • the loyalty program is a good way to encourage usage of public transportation, in the traffic-congested Bangkok!
  • the website lists out the available coupons at the kiosks. However on the kiosks there was no cross promotion of the rewards user can win with their Carrot points.

What we didn’t like (from a UX/UI perspective):

  • It was not mentioned on the machine and in the ad that using the card on the kiosk registers the card into the system. From the ads it seemed like the only way to register the card is through the website, which is not responsive on a mobile phone. A feature convenient for the user like this should be made known to encourage registration.
    [Suggestion]: Mention this feature in the ads and on the machine – “Just tap your card at the kiosk and start earning points in 48 hrs!”
  • To see all the available coupons of one merchant, user has to press next/back to see individual coupon.

    [Suggestion]: If the design lists out all the options, use 2 buttons for navigation, 1 for selection, then the user can see all the coupon options at a glance and choose one that he/she is most interested in, without going back and forth trying to remember the different options.

What did you think of Carrot Rewards by BTS, or another reward program associated with public transit?