Jason Citron back in the game, advising incentivisation platform Gimmie

Since being acquired by Japanese social gaming giant GREE for 104 million back in April 2011, Open Feint founder Jason is now back in the game advising Gimmie – an incentivisation platform startup. Citron expressed his confidence in the platform – which will look to reward players for carrying out actions in-game with real world rewards – in a statement to couple its beta launch.

Gimmie offers new way for mobile game monetization

Gimmie unveiled its in-game incentives program to turn brand promotions into in-game incentives without distracting game players with ads that force them to leave a game altogether. Developers get to keep the control and are able to implement Gimmie’s in-app incentives program in just minutes.

Gimmie Launches Mobile Rewards Platform To Boost In-App Revenue

One of PopCap’s original developers, Roy Liu, has launched a new incentives platform for mobile app developers aimed at boosting in-app revenue by incentivizing game players with real rewards. The company, Gimmie, launches its in-game incentives program today in beta with ten mobile app developers and ten consumer product brands.

PopCap Veteran Launches Mobile Game Rewards Program

Ex-PopCap developer and Plants vs. Zombies mobile engineering lead Roy Liu has co-founded a new start-up called Gimmie, where he’s launched the closed beta for a rewards program that offers real world products to mobile game players.When users play Gimmie-supported mobile games, they earn points by completing designated activities, such as buying virtual goods, signing up for newsletters, or progressing through the games. They can then redeem those points for free or discounted real world products.

Game startup Gimmie launches rewards platform for mobile apps

Gimmie, a startup created by seasoned game developers, is launching a new rewards program for users of mobile apps. Gimmie’s new incentives platform, which begins beta testing today with 10 mobile app developers and consumer brands, can boost in-app revenue (where users buys something like a virtual good inside an app) by giving game players real rewards for using apps or games.

A future full of of In app purchases

Some of my favorite purchases I’ve made have been to unlock levels or new content. A great example is from Robo Defense . It turns out that many analysts and experts are predicting that more people each year are making these purchases. A trend that no doubt started in Asia where the market is more mature, but now is everywhere.

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