Changi Airport rewards patrons for returning food trays

Changi Rewards

Changi Airport has implemented its own traditional rewards program based off spending at stores in the airport. Members need to visit a customer service stall or sign up online and obtain a nice plastic rewards card that accrues points with spending.

However, in addition to rewarding purchasing there are other reward programs to explore. Let’s take a look at one at the Airports Kopitiam found in Terminal 3.

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BreadTalk Singapore o2o Loyalty Campaign Breadzil Review

For most brands and retailers, June and July 2014 represents a golden opportunity to cash in on the World Cup spending frenzy. Locally for us in Singapore, we came across regional giant Breadtalk new campaign called Breadzil that is trying to do just that.  What we were interested in was reviewing the mechanics behind how they converted offline customers into online ones, and vice versa using physical scratch cards and a facebook app. Continue reading

How Gilt turned their shopping site into a game using loyalty

We often get asked how loyalty and gamification can work with retailers?  Traditionally, a retailer would create a rewards program where you get money for every time you shop you get points back. This classic model has several faults. The main being that there is no immediate source of gratification and with high breakage (the amount of unused points) customers who buy once almost never get back anything to get them excited about (assuming they get something at all.

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Preview of Gimmie Unity plugin

We’d like to introduce a preview of the Gimmie Unity plugin to enable points and rewards on your iOS or SDK app. Current rewards from Gimmie include free itunes, starbucks, and Mobile Airtime localized for several Asian Countries.

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