Another loyalty card/program please?

What do Airlines, Hotel Stays, Retail outlets, Food and Beverage outlets and Banks have in common?

They all have loyalty programs tailored to their specific business needs!

Loyalty programs are not new to business owners and big players like airlines corporations are constantly improving their own in-house program.

As a business owner you might just be thinking creating a loyalty program is as simple as having a bubble tea stamp card.

But then again with each brand giving a loyalty card, consumers are getting all lost with the tons of loyalty cards they have to keep in their wallets.

To add on, consumers want to be recognized by their favourite brand. Giving them an extra cup of beverage is no longer sufficient. So how do you keep your consumers interacted with your brand?

What’s in the purse?

A purse dedicated to fill up on the tons of loyalty cards!!! I bet there will be more to come ..

According to

A new study conducted by Constant Contact that was done by the research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey confirms that people are using Facebook to interact with brands. The study looked at the behavior of 1,491 consumers in the United States, all of them aged 18 and older.

Here are some of the interesting points from the study:

1.More than half, 57 percent, wanted to learn more about discounts
and promotions

2.Of those that read the Facebook posts, about 17 percent will interact with them. About 13 percent will report the update on their page.

3.Facebook can drive people to drive. About 51 percent said they buy a product after they become a fan.

Facebook does a great job of getting leads to your website and brand.

But does your website has the ability to keep them coming back and increase the interactions they have on your site?

And won’t it be great to retain these leads driven by the Facebook budget spent hovering on your site instead of Facebook?

We will touch on what makes a good or bad interactive website in our next blog post.