Convert more site visitors into customers with GimmieX.

Audience segmentation with personalized messaging tool for online marketers.

Grow customers with real-time messaging

A Data Management Platform with messaging designed to send the right message to the right user before they leave. 

 Audience Segmentation


GimmieX is like having your own data scientist. Spend more time engaging with your customers and less time analyzing data.

Our Data Management Platform (DMP) looks at multiple sources of data so you can see instantly which audience segment is most likely to convert or leave and take the right action.




Personalized Messaging

Send targeted messages to desired audience segments that show up instantly on your site. Create interactive messages with full HTML support or plain text. Filter  all users in an audience segment by those that have completed goals or viewed certain keywords.

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Anton Soeharyo

CEO, TouchTen Games

"GimmieX almost doubled our user registrations within the first week. We're believers."

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