Smarter Engagement With Predictive Analytics

Impactful Messages

Take the guess work out of what type of message to send. No more drowning in data or resource bottleneck to execute the right message.

No Coding Required

Create messages easily with our visual editor and templates. Once done, our ELFs will deliver and report back with actionable insights.

Easy Installation

Copy and paste a line of javascript code similar to Google Analytics. You can start sending out messages the same day!

The Magic of ELFs For Marketers Automatically know the best message to convert the right audience at the right time with Gimmie X.

Our Engagement Level Forecast Systems (ELFs) are the world's first predictive engagement marketing engine trained to help marketers reach their web visitors automatically for achieving better ROI. Except that it costs less than needed to hire actual data scientists!

The future of engagement marketing is coming to you this March 2015, starts from USD$199/MONTH with 14-day trial.