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Proprietary Targeting

Take the guess work out on what type of message would work and for which audience. Our ELFs (Engagement Level Forecast System) will predict and recommend for you. 

Focus 100% on creating messages - be it an offer, coupon, product or content recommendation using our visual editor. Once messages activated, leave it to us to deliver them to your site visitors in real-time. Seat back, wait for results!

No coding required

Easy Installation

Simply copy & paste a line of javascript code just like Google Analytics. Enter your site's domain and conversion goals, you'll be up and running within minutes.

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A smarter, new way to convert without code or complicated A/B tests.

Automatically deliver the best message to right visitor at the right time with Gimmie X. 


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"Automatically know the best message to convert the right audience at the right time with Gimmie X."

“We've successfully partnered with Gimmie for the last four games. Fantastic results!”

Anton Soeharyo

Founder & CEO, Touchten Games

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Smarter Engagement With Predictive Analytics.  

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